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  • We define an effective communication strategy for you.

  • Magoz dedicates myself to the design and realization of unique and unrepeatable...

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About Us

When creativity meets discovery

The MagOz® project organizes and shapes creative thinking...that's how it shapes reality...through the discovery of new places, never explored, we formed our thinking, our percepition of reality...you can not shape reality if you do not first shape thought!
We are what we think and we think what we perceive, we are MagOz® that's why we put so much attention to the way we perceive...


MagOz is here

In these store you will find MagOz® creation

  • La Salentina – Lecce


    A faboulus shop in the heart of Lecce's historic center, unique pieces of Salento craftsmen.
    MagOz®  creations in Lecce.

  • Scià – Monopoli


    Scià is located in Cattedrale 2 street, near the majestic Monopoli cathedral.
    It specializes in tours and sale of local crafts, including the new and appealing MagOz®  line.

  • Terrarossa – Nardò


    In the splendid Baroque setting of Piazza Salandra in Nardò, TERRAROSSA proposes art craft creations. Shapes, materials and colors that enclose the charm of Salento and the Mediterranean. MagOz®   creations are here!

  • Il Baco – Gallipoli

    Located in Gallipoli in Incrociata street, Il Baco offers typical Salentino craft with a wide selection of fabrics, paintings, ceramics. MagOz® creations in Gallipoli.

  • Il Girasole – Ostuni

    Il Girasole is located in Ostuni, the "white city", one of the most beautiful cities in Puglia, in via Cattedrale, the street of souvenirs, offers the widest assortment of gadgets and souvenirs of Ostuni. MagOz® is present with its Sailing Line!

  • Portami Via con Te – Polignano a Mare


    Crystal clear waters and cliffs pitted with caves carved by the sea give Polignano a Mare its uniqueness. A small town, known also as the “Pearl of the Adriatic, the fascinating historical centre reveals traces of its Arab, Byzantine, Spanish and Norman past, including the remains of the four watchtowers that once guarded the ancient town.
    Portami Via con Te is the best shop in the city, with a careful selection of products. Art, food and gift of the quality.
    MagOz® creations are here!

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73100 Lecce

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