Venus Sail

Venus Sail


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Venus takes its name from the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.

It is the brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon and for this reason it has been known since Ancient times.

Venus is visible only shortly after Sunset and shortly before Sunrise .

That was the reason why it has often been called by the ancient Greeks and then by the Romans

Evening star or Morning star.

Venus… It is very bright just after Sunset on the Horizon to the west or just before Sunrise to the east .

Venus looks like a shiny Star of whitish-yellow color, far brighter than any other Star in the Firmament.

Venus is the only celestial body that is visible to the naked eye even during the day so  Venus or Aphrodite is also revered by sailors for its ability to make navigation Beautiful and Safe.

Venus bearer of Light in the Dark.

The sail of Venus made by Magoz is a registered and protected brand for its excellent innovation for production process.

The idea comes from coloring with glowing material the ceramic sail itself with which the square /work was made.

This process creates the Light expressed on the sail even in the night phase and not only daytime.

The Opera symbolizes the Power of  VENUS.

Star navigator protector.

A work ,even if small in size , with a wonderful intrinsic Value.

The product can be ordered on commission and with customized sizes and materials.